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Our interdisciplinary research team will be only too glad to offer you advice and support.

Wolfgang Schlünzen

"To my mind, being a market researcher is totally fulfilling from a professional point of view: understanding how a wide variety of things are interlinked and deducing ideas, objectives and strategies on a daily basis is what drives my passion as a researcher."

Wolfgang Schlünzen

Memberships: BVM, ESOMAR

+49 (0) 2173-95 375 66
Marco Kewe

"Market research is the link between companies and consumers. It is exciting to accompany a new idea or a new product from the very beginning. In the morning I work on cream cheese, in the afternoon on linear television – more variety is not possible!"

Marco Kewe
Research Manager

+49 (0) 2173-95 375 83
Anett Heiland

"Market research is never boring! Planning and organising the various projects - including the tender, coordination with our national and international providers, and finally the presentation of results - is a demanding job which requires me to keep a clear head, and which confronts me with fresh challenges on a daily basis."

Anett Heiland
Research Organisation

+49 (0) 2173-95 375 64