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Our research enables you
to make reliable decisions.


Our claim reflects the standards we set ourselves: our high-quality research provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your target groups, thus enabling you to make reliable decisions. For almost three decades now, we've enjoyed the trust of market leaders and globally successful companies in the FMCG, retail, services and insurance sectors, together with leading media companies in TV and radio.

We see ourselves as the link between you and your target groups; we devote ourselves to your issues and questions, and draw up efficient research designs that will provide you with answers. Which method is then deployed depends entirely on your needs: highly qualitative, totally quantitative, or a mix of our broad range of methods - the expertise of our interdisciplinary team is at your disposal.

We gather and analyse your target groups' subjective perceptions, attitudes and ways of behaving, and 'translate' them into a soundly based analysis and concrete recommendations for action. Thanks to our analytical, consistently pragmatic and easy-to-understand editing of the results, you can feel secure in the decisions you take while making your target groups happy (or even happier!)

Are you interested in 30 years of experience, coupled with a hunger for fresh insights? Then talk to us…