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Implicit processes?
We make them visible.

ApparativAre you interested in processes that elude classic survey methodology? Our apparative test methods show you how your target groups perceive and experience things. We offer you additional information that supports you in your strategic decisions, thus allowing you to act successfully and with a competitive advantage.


MIOS (Monheimer Institut Online Scoring)

What is MIOS? A test method to rate auditory and visual stimuli in real time (liking or interest per second). This method is used in samples of at least 40 people to analyse the course of real-time perceptions.

Typical applications? To ascertain how TV and radio commercials/programmes and music offerings are perceived.

Limits to this method? MIOS is used for evaluating auditory and/or visual material with a duration of 90 minutes max. (including rating via MIOS); interpretation of results should be accompanied by qualitative surveys (focus groups, psychological in-depth interviews) in order to prevent misinterpretation.

Eye tracking

What is eye tracking? Apparative measurement of how the eye gazes at objects, in order to measure advertising impact and communication performance. We use the Tobii eye tracking technique.

Typical applications? Measuring the impact of design details (headlines, brandings, visuals) in advertising media (posters, print ads) or at PoS shelves; usability tests for websites.

Limits to this method? Maximum interview length of 30 minutes; the causes of gaze behaviour can only be analysed by using accompanying surveys.


What is tachistoscopy? A technique whereby objects are presented for very brief periods (from a few hundredths of a second to 2, 3 or 4 seconds) in order to measure the communication performance of these stimuli (e.g. product  or brand recognition).

Typical applications? Measuring the display impact of purchase shelves and packagings, plus the advertising impact of print ads and posters.

Limits to this method? There are limits to how well a realistic environment can be simulated.