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Your advertising is an investment that ought to pay off.
We'll tell you how effective your advertising is.

Over many years we've gained plenty of experience when it comes to advertising impact research, and the benchmarks we use can be very revealing. This means we can help you to assess how successful your advertising is. It doesn't matter if it's TV, radio, print, posters, product placement or cross-media campaigns: we'll tell you how your advertising is being received, and how it could be meaningfully optimised—so that you're always placing yourself and your products in the most flattering light.


TV commercials

In order to ensure that your TV commercials attract consumers' attention, have a positive psychological impact, and successfully differentiate you from your competitors, we accompany your TV advertising initiatives from the development of ideas right through to measuring on-air success. Prior to your commercials being screened, we use storyboards, animatics, and finished versions to help you achieve the best possible content, composition and direction. During the on-air phase, we use our advertising tracking methods (e.g. brand, product, and/or message recall) to gauge how successful they are. Both before and after your commercials have been screened, we reliably judge their success by using benchmarks from over 250 TV commercials.

Radio commercials

radiospotsWe help your radio commercials to trigger what distinguishes good radio advertising: vivid images in listeners' heads, positive emotions, and concrete purchase stimuli. The methods we've specifically developed for the medium of radio (e.g. Visual Communication Scan) scrutinise your radio commercial, deduce potential for optimisation, and predict how successful it will be by using our comprehensive benchmarks.

Print ads and supplements

printanzeigenWe examine your print ad from every conceivable angle, thereby ensuring it makes the best possible impact. By deploying a variety of methods (including Tobii eye tracking) in realistic settings, we identify the extent to which your advert will grab people's attention, stand out from the crowd, and appeal to your target consumers. We use our benchmarks to gauge how successful your advert will be, and deduce how the design and content might be optimised.


plakateYour posters have to convey their messages in the best possible way within less than 1 to 2 seconds, so we use intelligent test methods which take account of such fleeting situations. Our analyses ascertain the extent to which the intended product and brand messages are conveyed to your target groups via your posters or city lights. We use our benchmarks to gauge how successful your posters will be, and suggest how you can optimally design your outdoor promotional activities.

Online advertising

onlinewerbungIn this day and age, online advertising is becoming ever more important. We want your promotional activities on the worldwide web to achieve the best possible impact within the internet community, so we conduct realistic surveys with your target groups. This allows you to reliably measure the success of your online promotional initiatives.

Special types of advertising, and product placement

sonderwerbeformenSpecial forms of advertising, product placement and sponsorship make a subtle impact, and constitute attractive additions to 'classic' advertising. In our analyses we show you how successful you'll be with your special forms of advertising, the extent to which they positively reinforce your other advertising initiatives, and what concrete benefit these forms of advertising bring to your brand.