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Brand management.
A systematic approach.

marken_eingangstext_1Successfully developing, launching and nurturing a brand requires courage, skill, and a clear strategy. We want to accompany you and your brand management processes in the best way possible, so we're at your side with our marketing strategy research. We show you where your brand stands, and give you an idea of where its journey might take you. We monitor every single aspect of your brand: launch or relaunch followed by ongoing observation (tracking), right through to further development - so that decisions affecting your brand strategy bear fruit.


Brand building and brand launch

markenaufbauYou naturally want to establish your idea for a new brand on a strong footing, so our research accompanies you from the very outset. We collaborate with you to examine the needs and requirements associated with your new brand, the gaps left by the competition which you can fill, the 'must-haves' your brand cannot dispense with, and the 'nice-to-haves' which will positively set you apart - everything so that your brand successfully sees the light of day.

Brand status quo

markenstatusquoSuccessful brand management requires soundly based knowledge about how perceptions of—and attitudes toward—your brand are evolving. Our 'brand status quo' analyses offer you regular status updates so you know where you stand. And because your brand isn't all alone in the world, we simultaneously observe and analyse your relevant competitors so you can successfully take the next steps with your brand.

Brand development

markenentwicklungBrands depend on constant nurturing and further development for their survival. We're right by your side as part of this process, showing you the opportunities for development and fresh positioning terrains that are open to your brand. In doing so, we constantly keep an eye on your brand's identity and show you how you can remain faithful to your brand promise, even when pursuing new routes, so that your brand is—and remains—clear, desirable, and uniquely positioned.