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Success lies in the eye of the beholder - and the ear of the listener too!
We support you in appealing to your target groups' senses.

neue_medienWith our roots in media research, we've been working for almost three decades in the classic media of TV and radio (offering advice and support in relation to over 1200 formats). You obviously want to be successful, so our selection of methods scrutinises your ideas, formats, brands and developments. We adopt a pragmatic approach, and show you what your viewers or listeners expect from your schedules, and offer you input that's geared toward programme makers and production processes, thereby allowing you to remain highly competitive in the fast-moving media business.



sendungenOur analyses accompany you throughout your programmes' lifecycle. We offer you active support, from the generation of ideas right through to concepts, pre-tests and pilots, status quo analyses, and the nurturing of formats that have been successful over many years. Our experience of public service broadcasters and private TV and radio channels makes us one of the leading media research institutes in Germany. We show you how your formats can become flagship offerings and positive image drivers.

Casting and celebrity analyses

castingYour presenters provide your channel with a face and a voice, and express its core values. We ascertain the effect your presenters have on your viewers and listeners. We've been conducting successful casting and celebrity research over many years, and we've already been able to give a boost to some presenters' careers. This means you can be sure you're choosing the right faces for your formats and your channel, while developing those you already have in order to achieve parasocial interaction with your viewers and listeners.

Trailer analyses

'Trailer time' is the ideal time to advertise your format and your channel. Our trailer analyses take account of last-minute production processes, and reveal whether and in what way you can use trailers to trigger viewing. You might want feedback about the style of the trailer, the way in which it's been directed, its length, or the amount of information it provides about the timeslot or channel - we give you concrete information about how you can optimise your trailer and when you ought to show it. Thanks to our comprehensive database of over 800 trailers, we can reliably determine how well your trailer will perform. This enables you to exploit your 'trailer time' in the ideal way, thereby gaining as many viewers as possible for your chosen format.

Title tests

titelDo you have a format, but can't yet decide on a title for it? Our title tests reliably tell you which title will make people curious, reflect the format's identity, and fit both your format and your channel. This means your format can already score points as a result of its 'business card'—its title.

Genre analyses

genreDo you want to develop a new daily soap, quiz show, detective series, or news format? If so, it's particularly valuable to know what's required of a given genre. Our genre analyses examine the existing competitive environment, deduce the basic requirements, the 'must-haves' and 'nice-to-haves', and reveal trends, ideas and developments within genres. This knowledge allows you to (further) develop your format and successfully position it within your programming.

Timeslot analyses

timeslotPresenting the right format in the right timeslot is a crucial key to your success. Our timeslot analyses take an in-depth look at 'state of mind' management and associated trends and developments so that you can be sure about where to schedule your formats. In doing so, we're able to approach this issue from two sides: we can either identify psychological states of mind during specific timeslots (e.g. Friday primetime), or those that manifest themselves in response to specific formats (e.g. a new daily soap). We collaborate with you in finding the perfect timeslot for your format, or the perfect format for your timeslot.