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Your products underlie your success.
We give you our full attention.

produkteeingangstextWe're with you throughout the product lifecycle. This includes the generation of ideas, the (further) development of concepts and finished products, plus optimisation and diversification. Our product research supports you in recognising promising ideas and (further) developing and implementing them for your target groups in a tailor-made way—so that you have a strong and successful product portfolio, and are a shining example of innovation and further development.


Generation of product ideas

produktideenA good idea forms the core of a strong product; we support you in finding ideas for new and promising products. Whether this means identifying your target groups' needs, revealing problems with existing products, or running creative development workshops, we join with you to discover any fresh needs your target groups might have. We'll also jointly find out which methodology is the right one for your requirements.

Product concepts

produktkonzepteGood ideas need to be sold properly. In order to ascertain relevant insights, benefits, and 'reasons to believe' for your idea and subsequently combine them in the best possible way, we devote our full attention to your ideas and concepts, for example in Concept Clinics. We join with you to develop them further, and add that final polish to your concepts—tested and given the 'okay' by the most relevant and discerning jury: your target groups.

New products

neueprodukteA great many rational and emotional factors contribute to your product's success. Whether you want to test your product in its entirety, or merely individual facets such as look, usability or packaging, our product tests provide clear answers to the question: go or no go? Furthermore, we offer tips and recommendations as to how you can make your product even better, so it enjoys the greatest possible market success.

Product optimisation and diversification

produktoptimierungYou want to establish your products in the market so that they enjoy long-term success, so we support you in further developing your portfolio. For example, we identify extra benefits, extended positionings, and relevant new benefits so that you can launch brand and line extensions. In this way, the love affair between your target groups and your products will stand the test of time, and you'll be able to find enthusiastic new target groups for your product.